[parisc-linux] lifimage

Tim Kemna t.kemna@student.utwente.nl
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 13:16:20 +0100

I don't see any output at all. Does it matter which emulation mode I use? I
now use VT100.


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Verzonden: woensdag 4 december 2002 13:02
Onderwerp: Re: [parisc-linux] lifimage

> On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 12:40:25PM +0100, Tim Kemna wrote:
> > I changed the console by booting de lifimage. The machine now boots
> > a keyboard connected to it. Also when I push the power button it doesn't
> > turn off. So I'm pretty sure the console is now the serial device.
> Power button is completely unrelated to which console you are configured
> for.  When things are working right, hitting the power button should
> cause a clean shutdown of Linux followed by a power off.  Pretty neat.
> There have been some issues in that area, but it worked for me last time
> I tried.
> > Now my problem is that I can't get any output. I'm using HyperTerminal
> > on windows 98. The settings are 9600 8-N-1. My serial cable is D9F/D9F.
> > Do I need to reboot the 712 every time I try to connect to it? Or can I
> > plug the cable into another COM port and try again?
> You can move your serial cable while the system is up, no need to
> reboot.
> Do you mean no output, or do you mean you see kernel boot messages but
> no login prompt?
> If you see nothing at all, suspect your cable - may need a crossover
> rather than 1:1 cable (or visaversa), or suspect your terminal emulator.
> In any case, if you had this running on graphical console and have now
> switched, you need to modify /etc/inittab to enable a getty on the
> serial port.  Otherwise, no login prompt.
> Even though you have switched conosles, inittab still sets up a getty on
> the graphical console; plug your monitor and keyboard in as well, and
> you can probably log in via that to fix /etc/inittab.  Assuming you can
> be bothered to move your monitor and keyboard one more time ;-)
> Otherwise, perhaps you can telnet or ssh in to it over the network.
> Beware the keyboard is not designed for hotpluging, so to be absolutely
> safe, you should move that with both systems powered off.
> Richard