[parisc-linux] Problem installing Debian woody in PA-RISC (HP9000 C100)

Christian Suder csuder@cisco.com
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 10:19:16 -0700

Juan Pedro,

does the machine have a wide-differential SCSI harddrive ? Then this 
applies to you :

Filesystem Corruption! Systems with NCR/LSI 53c720 Fast/Wide/Differential 
SCSI interface need to use
"ncr53c8xx=burst:3" palo boot parameter. This avoids overflowing the 
on-chip DMA FIFO which results in file
system corruption on disks behind that interface. Either edit 
/etc/palo.conf or add this manually at boot time. 2.4.16-pa14
(and newer) kernels with a "real" fix are available on our FTP site.

You need to manually give the paramter when booting from the CD. Otherwise 
all sorts of weird things happen - been there, done that ;-)


At 03:48 PM 4/23/2002 +0200, Juan Pedro Vilar wrote:
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>I've been trying to install the latest Debian woody
>release(palinux-0.9.3.iso) on a PA-RISC (HP9000 C100) and I can't get
>to install the base system.
>I follow all the installation steps and everything runs smoothly
>until I
>get to the "Install base system". While installing it, I get the
>following warning "Failure trying to run:chroot /target mount" and
>if I try to swap to another console and issue the same command, I get
>"segmentation fault" error. When I hit the continue button, then I
>get a
>"Base Installation error, debootstrap exited with an error (return
>1)" and he then asks me to install again the base system. We also
>to skip this step the second time and everything seem to worked but
>system was, of course, not usable after that as some packages were
>missing and we were getting plenty of segmentation faults.
>The machine has no special hardware added and we think we have
>all the steps from the installation guide. We have also browsed the
>looking for this problem and we've found no reference.
>Are we missing something? Any hints anybody?
>thanks in advance,
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