[parisc-linux] GCC support for dwarf2

Carlos O'Donell Jr. carlos@baldric.uwo.ca
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 17:44:40 -0400

> Hi Dave,
> Here am I with something confusing me about glibc building.
> In the Carlos O'Donell recipe
> (http://www.parisc-linux.org/toolchain/PA-Linux-XC-HOWTO-04.html)
> It is set "export PATH=$PATH:$DEST/bin"
> So at configure step it was selected gcc-3.0.4 (the last release for hppa-linux box)
> Naturally if I put "export PATH=$DEST/bin:$PATH", the configure of glibc select
> (for me well) gcc-3.2.
> What is the right way? (for me the second)
> Thanks for more help,
>     Joel

The document describes building a cross-compiler for non-hppa->hppa. 
Where gcc would be prefaced with 'hppa-linux' and might be
the only such executable on the system. Obviously if you have multiple
toolchains on your path the order should be '$DEST/bin:$PATH'.

Happily this document also serves as a 'build the toolchain' document :)

I'll update that bit, make some spelling mistakes and email Grant.

Thank Joel!