[parisc-linux] HP 715/75, front LEDs

Matt McKenzie linuxknight@attbi.com
05 Apr 2002 16:28:40 -0800


I am new to the HP UNIX world but not a total newbie to the UNIX world
in general.  I have been using Linux since RedHat 6.0 first came out,
and I have used FreeBSD, NeXTSTEP and Solaris a bit as well.  I belong
to Orange County Linux Users Group (www.oclug.org) in California.

This is a hardware problem not a PA-RISC Linux problem per se, but I
can't put Linux on it until its fixed, so I hope this is acceptable on
the list.  

I just recently acquired an HP 715/75, with monitor, kb, mouse.
Our school received several different HP systems as a donation from a
local company some time ago, but we recently have gotten Sun Ultra-10s
so the HPs are now collecting dust mostly.  To make a long story short
the prof in charge of this lab gave me one.

After much searching, and coming up blank, someone on my local LUG
mailing list finally found the documentation for the 715, and if I am
reading the LED troubleshooting tables correctly, it is having this

Internal inconsistency: IODC ENTRY_INIT.

The documentation doesn't mention exactly what this means or what to do
about it.

The power LED is green, and LEDs 1,2 and 6 are solid orange.  I think
LED 4 (heartbeat) is blinking like it's supposed to, but not sure.

The monitor is blank when the system powers up.  At first I thought it
could be a problem with the monitor or video cable but we tested the
cable on another HP in the school lab and it was fine.  The monitor
might still be a problem, but according to the LEDs it might be
something else.

Any help is appreciated.  Apologies if this is not directly on-topic.


73 de K6LNX

Matt M.