[parisc-linux] Need EVC-VGA adapter

Markus Grabert xam@student.cs.ucc.ie
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 18:13:51 +0000 (GMT)

On 22 Nov 2001, andi wrote:

> > I recently purchased a C240.
> >
> > Unfortunately no EVC-VGA adapter was in the package.
> > I thought it is quite easy to get these (since EVC is
> > the new VESA standard), but I just found a few Internet
> > companies who sell them. The adapter itself is rather expensive,
> > usually about 50 EURO.
> I have excactly the same problem, but I am living in germany. any chance
> here?

try www.kindermann.de,
they're offering conference utilities such as video projectors etc.
Since some new projectors use a EVC interface, they used to sell
an adapter cable (I didn't find it on their website anymore).

Try searching for EVCM-15HDF (that's the name of the EVC-VGA adapter);
I found at least an US seller (http://www.networktechinc.com/cgi-bin/keemux/adapters.html)
who sells it for $46 (US & Canada only)

There is also a seller in the UK (http://www.nti1.co.uk/cable-usb.html or
http://www.itm-components.com/cable.htm (same company)), who sells it for
35 UK Pound, but there is a minimum shipping cost of 40 UK Pounds!
The seller said that he's happy to send it by mail (so that you can avoid
the high shipping costs), however you'll take the risk then.

greetings max