Betr.: [parisc-linux] working .config for C160/2.4.14 ?

Jurriaan Kalkman
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 15:41:46 +0100

>I am trying to build a bootable kernel for my C160 & am having a few
>problems. The box is currently running a kernel I tweaked for my 712/80i
>but it is rather old & I am suffering from SCSI problems.
>Does anyone have a usable .config they could mail me for this box for
>2.4.16-pa* ?
My C200 runs fine when I run

make oldconfig

in a pristine kernel tree.

You'll get the default config, which has some sensible values. All you =
have to
choose is the processor-type. I could choose PA8x00, but that still gives
errors when I run 'make mrproper' in the kernel tree, so I always choose =

Good luck,