[parisc-linux] HP 715/64 Keyboard not recognized

Helge Deller helge.deller@sap.com
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 11:13:12 +0100

Hi Hugues,

> During the boot process, my keyboard (PS2) an the mouse (HIL)are recognised
> but when i'm under the "installation process", I have any response from my
> keyboard !
> RQ : My PS2 keyboard and the HIL mouse are connected on my workstation with
> a "keyboard adapter module" and this module is directly attached with on
> the station with an RJ45 Cable

Hmm, we don't have any HIL-mouse driver in pa-linux yet. Are you sure your mouse 
is really working (boot messages ???) and if it's so then I assume you have a PS/2 mouse.

Since I have a 715/64 myself I know that at least on my system the keyboard is a HIL
model (and connected to a "keyboard adapter module" too). We had and still
have some problems with keyboards after system reset, so I would askl you to only install 
only after a full power-on, not after a warm-boot. 
And for HIL keyboards you should select "cancel" in the keyboard language dialog....