[parisc-linux] Hardball ERS now available

John Marvin jsm@udlkern.fc.hp.com
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 17:27:45 -0700 (MST)

I've made the Hardball External Reference Specification (ERS) available on
the tech documentation page at www.parisc-linux.org.  This ERS documents
the I/O subsystem for the 735/755.  It includes documentation for the
fast/wide SCSI interface and FDDI interface.  This document can also be
useful for 710/720/730/750 systems, since the document is very similar to
the Cobra/Coral I/O subsystem ERS, i.e. not much changed between the two.

The document is somewhat large (4.2 Mb) because it is a pdf file derived
from tiff images.  I could not find the original source for the document
(it's 10 years old) so I had to scan it in.  I also had to edit the images
to "clean" it for release, which basically involved removing engineer
names, email addresses and phone numbers in this case.  I chose a
resolution that I felt provided the best tradeoff between readability and


John Marvin