[parisc-linux] How to burn the CD?

xfs@linux.se xfs@linux.se
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 01:37:07 +0100 (CET)

Well... Now I have the cd's downloaded (took a loong time for my 33.6modem
to download).
Now to the next problem: How to burn?
The problem here is:
I only got 1 cd-burner, and that device is in my Pa-risc-box, becouse it
uses scsi, and I dont have any other mashines here that have scsi-cards.
The pa-risc (712/60) still uses Hp/UX 10.20...

Anyony knowing how to use the cd-burner in HpUX10.20 on a pa-risc?

Another question: My HpUX-install-cd didn't boot on the cdrom...
Is there any wrong with my burned cd with hpux, the cdrom-device or the
mashine (pa712/60)? I hope it is the hp-install-cd becouse if it is the
hardware, then I'm not beeing able to boot the linux-install-cd ether.