[parisc-linux] FW: Porting LWP

Matthew Wilcox willy@debian.org
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 21:51:48 +0000

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 01:44:45PM -0600, Neulinger, Nathan wrote:
> Anyone have any thoughts on this? In particular the question about whether
> setjmp/longjmp preserve the stack. 

It ought to... it's just a function call, IIRC.

> When I try to have the code use ucontext (getcontext/setcontext) instead, it
> gets complaints from glibc about setcontext/getcontext being unimplemented.

Hmm... file a bug against that, please.

> the last time i worked on a parisc system i noted that that the 
> stack grew UP and not down.  parisc might do the same.  the linux
> swp code assumes that the stack grows down (atleast i am pretty sure
> it does)

The code in glibc used to assume that.  It's been fixed since we found
it easier to keep the stack growing up.

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