[parisc-linux] 755/125 problems

Ryan Bradetich ryan_bradetich@uswest.net
18 Nov 2001 11:24:53 -0700

On Sun, 2001-11-18 at 09:11, Aaron Macks wrote:
> So I finally have a viable system in the form of a 755/125(384mb ram, 
> internal FWscsi drive and 2 atm cards).  I can get it to boot under 
> the HPUX still installed on the HD, and it seems to work(not root 
> pw).  I tried booting it off the internal CD with the 0.92 disc and 
> it seemed to freeze at the 'Branching to kernel address .....".

> Three questions:
> Is this common or an oddity with my system?
The 755 (and 735) are only partially supported at this time.  The
fast-wide disks are behind an outfield card which is not supported yet,
so you can not use the FW disks.  It has been a long time since I
installed the 0.9.2 iso, but I have tested tested the rc1 of the
upcoming 0.9.3 iso on the 755 and it installed fine :)

> It currently only allows a net boot off of the ATM cards, either the 
> EISA or the slider.  How can I force it to use the onboard 10 base 
> T(AUI) or even 10 Base 2?

I have not run into this one yet, and I did a network install of the 755
using the built-in 10 base-T. I will see if I can find an additional
EISA network card to add to the machine and see if I can duplicate your

> The other might be slightly off topic, but is there an easy way to 
> reset the root pw on the HPUX install?(I believe I have HPUX install 
> media somewhere but I'm probably wrong.)

yeah, boot into the hpux isl menu:
	boot pri isl

when in the isl menu
	hpux -is

will put you in single user mode where you can change the root passwd.

- Ryan

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