[parisc-linux] Re: E55 status

Christoph Plattner christoph.plattner@gmx.at
Sun, 18 Nov 2001 03:24:44 +0100

Hi Thomas !

Here are the current status of the E55:

I have rewritten my whole stuff on the current CVS snapshot from the end
of this week (2.4.14-pa6).

(1) TTY driver for the PDC console, used in polling mode (30ms) as
	- only tested via serial line !
	- is configured together with CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE, if ARCH is
		parisc (XXX: TODO a config via menu for PDC CONSOLE DRIVER)
	- a node (/dev/ttyB0 c 30 0) must be created
	- /etc/inittab should have a login on /dev/ttyB0
	- the kernel line parameter `console=ttyB0' must be set

	Driver works for complete Linux stuff, including `login' and editing
	on the `bash'.
(2) LED support for the "RUN" and "ATTENTION" LED (cuppled to the
heartbeat of
	700er machines. If the heartbeart is active, E55 shows "RUN", otherwise
	the machine indicates "ATTENTION"). So the status can be influenced
	by the `/proc/pdc/led' entry.
	This LED driver is activated by the model name "9000/856" (E55), so
	for further machines of similar types, the model names have to be

In general, the CONFIG stuff has to be adapted. On that stuff, my
is not that what other LINUX hacker's expect ...

Further, is there a developer ChangeLog file to do entries per file ?

So the E55 server can be booted diskless by BOOTP(DHCP)/TFTP and boots
up. Ethernet is full functioning, the console works on port 0 of the
8-port multiplexer. No SCSI controller is deteced, not the parallel
and the mulitplexer board. For these three componets, drivers are

I hope, parts of my stuff (or all plus improvments concerning
will come into the kernel main stream to have this "start" of E55 server
in the kernel.

I will add my current CVS diffings of my extensions very soon, at the
the CVS server seems to be down ! (Please contact me, if you have
interest !)

With friendly regards
Christoph P.

Thomas Marteau wrote:
> Hi Christoph,
>         I am updating our list of working hardware. Could you tell me if you
> know something about the status of PA/Linux on E55?
> Thanks for your answer, Thomas.
> ESIEE Team

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