[parisc-linux] 64bit kernels boot on C200 (finally) :)

Ryan Bradetich rbradetich@uswest.net
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 13:02:33 -0700

> The last time I tried a 64 bit kernel with lasi_82596.c (a few
> weeks ago), the network card would not work.  When the driver
> loaded it complained that sizeof(somestruct) was 64.  I had a
> look at the code and saw that it was expecting it to be 32.

yeah, I was confused.  C200 has tulip, K460 has lasi_82596.  Talking
with Richard Hirst, it sounds like making this driver 64-bit clean
would be non-trivial ... so this will probably be one of my pet
project that takes a year to get finished :)

> I've been using 32 bit kernels since then.  I don't think
> lasi_82596.c has changed significantly since I last tried it in
> a 64 bit kernel.
> This was on a D270.

Cool, if your D270 also uses it, maybe you will get it ported
before I do :)

- Ryan