Betr.: Re: [parisc-linux] Linux/PA-RISC speed (was Re: C240 Graphics, 64bit kernel and more)

Jurriaan Kalkman
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 11:28:50 +0100

>> Alpha (gcc-2.95.4)        : real 5m45 user 5m13 system  9s
>> Alpha (gcc-3.0.2 20010924): real 4m36 user 4m12 system 10s
>> C200+ (gcc-3.0.2 20010922): real 8m23 user 7m48 system 33s
>> dual P3/700 (gcc-2.95.4)  : real 1m20 user 1m17 system  3s
>Be cautious. Unless you built cross compilers and each is building for
>the same target you are doing different amounts of work for each target

In what way? It's not like the ./configure script will produce very =
results on alpha vs parisc, it doesn't even check for 64 bits/32 bits
differences. All this just demonstrated my gut feeling that compiling (
the kernel, for example) feels slower on parisc than it should be.

>Looking at the high system time I guess there is work to do on the hppa,
>but it doesn't suprise me. It takes a lot of time to tune a port after it
>actually works reliably
It's exciting to be involved in - I  fully agree.

Good luck,