[parisc-linux] Problems of instaling (booting) on a 715/75

Craig D. Lansing lansing@beldar.com
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 20:12:43 -0500

I'll try this with my J also to see what happens.  Unfortunately, despite
all the "junk" I brought home, the 700/92 has no keyboard (duh) and I could
not scrounge one today.  Oh well, back to the trash tomorrow.  BTW, if I can
scrounge a DB9<-->DB9 can I use a Reflection connection on my laptop as a
console?  I assume 9600/8/none/1 would be a good place to start?

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> I'd suggest you boot the cd image (palinux-0.9.2.iso) using the serial
> console. I have the same system and the STI console does not work with
> that cd.
> As soon as you have a minimal system running, switch the kernel image in
> /boot for this one:
> ftp://ftp.parisc-linux.org/kernels/vmlinux-32-20011008
> Edit the /etc/palo.conf accordingly, re-run palo and reboot. I
> experienced scsi problems with the kernel in the cd image.
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>       Rafael
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