[parisc-linux] C110 install and boot part 3...

Daniel Williams dan@bigw.org
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 21:21:45 -0600

OK, I got a hold of another CD drive, this time a DEC workstation CD 
(its funky in some wierd way), its got parity always on and you can 
switch between DEC workstation and PC mode.  Whatever that is.  The main 
thing is that it works and boots the .9.2 CD I've got.  However, after 
the penguin appears at the top and it does init and stuff, right after 
it lists the CD when its doing SCSi init stuff, it give me:

scsi bus is being reset for host 1 channel 0
ncr53c8xx_reset: pid-0 resetflags=2 serial_number=18 
ncr53c720-0: restart(scsi reset)
SCSI host 1 abort (pid0) timed out - resetting.

This was with the 2 2.1GB FW differential SCSI drive attached and 
functioning.  When I took both of those drive out and have JUST the CD 
drive in the system, it boots fine and gets to the install program, with 
the welcome screen and the Continue button.  But it froze at this first 
screen for some reason.  Any ideas?

Also, can it boot with FW differential SCSI devices connected?  Or do I 
have to put some narrow drives in there?