[parisc-linux] More Install on C110: Kernel doesn't load...

Daniel Williams dan@bigw.org
Thu, 1 Nov 2001 21:18:31 -0600

OK, I did a quick and dirty port of palo to MacOS X/Darwin and was able 
to run it on the ISO image and modify the boot blocks correctly.

I've got it to boot from the CD, turned out I was burning the CD wrong, 
needed to burn with Track-At-Once with Close CD, rather than simply 
Disc-At-Once in EasyCD Creator on Win2k.

However, when attempting to boot the kernel, I get this:

Entry 00100000 first 00100000 n 4
Segment 0 load 00100000 size 160694 mediaptr 0x1000
Segment 1 load 0028a000 size 468472 mediaptr 0x18a000
Segment 2 load 00300000 size 8192 mediaptr 0x1fd000
Segment 3 load 0034bea8 size 80688 mediaptr 0x1ffea8

Error: read from boot device failed (status = -4)
byteio_read: seekread() returned -1 expected 2048
Error:  segment 0 read() failed

Any thoughts?