[parisc-linux] List of packages for hppa ISO release

Matt Taggart taggart@carmen.fc.hp.com
Tue, 29 May 2001 14:16:28 -0600

Grant Grundler writes...

> Matt Taggart wrote:
> > http://puffin.external.hp.com/~taggart/selections.20010525
> > There are still a few missing dependencies but those should be taken care o
> > in the next few days. If you have additions/deletions to the list please se
> > them to me.
> o ditch ipchains and add iptables instead.

Good idea but netbase depends on ipchains. I'll add iptables.

> o add cvs

We decided that cvs's debconf questions would be confusing to someone who 
didn't intend to setup a cvs repository right away. Not adding it, people can 
just get it from the archive.

> o add an irc client? (tirc? tinyirc? ircii?)

Good idea. Which one?

> o any memory or selftest tools we can include?
>   (even untested - I'm looking at x86 package that has mem/cpu test)

Good idea, but all the memory testers I've seen have been x86 specific. If 
people have specific ones they know will work for hppa then let me know.

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