[parisc-linux] J2240?

Douglas T. Crosher dtc@scieneer.com
Thu, 17 May 2001 01:17:58 +1000

Ryan Bradetich wrote:
> I had a chance to chat with Grant, and we have a couple of ideas, but
> we need some more info first.  Grant says the IO_ADDR_EN is supposed
> to be set by the PDC ... but if no devices exist on the PCI bus below
> the dino, it is possible the IO_ADDR_EN could be 0.  If this is the
> case, then we need to move the BUG() to a different spot in code.
> I have attached a small patch that will hopefully confirm our thoughts
> about the IO_ADDR_EN BUG() that I hope you will try out and report
> back the results.  And hopefully someone is working on providing
> rs232 port support for the dino/cujo busses.

Here is the relevant output with you patch applied:

Dino version 3.1 (bridge mode) found at 0xfc004000
dino_bridge_init() addr: fc004000 hver: 0x680 sver: 0xa io_addr: 0x2000000
Dino version J2240 (bridge mode) found at 0xfc000000
dino_bridge_init() addr: fc000000 hver: 0x5d sver: 0xa io_addr: 0x0

Thanks for looking into it.

Douglas Crosher