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Thierry SIMONNET simonnet@esiee.fr
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 22:24:37 +0000

I totally agree with you about working together to homogenize our web 
Have any suggestion? Perhaps, ESIEE could home and maintain some items
of a common                                                           
Thierry Simonnet                                                      
Groupe ESIEE - CCIP                                                   
Paul Bame wrote:                                                      
> Hey our web site is pretty stale and I'm as guilty of neglecting it 
> as anyone.  I feel guilty referring new people there and wonder if  
> anyone has an interest in helping out?  I notice the ESIEE web site 
> (http://mkhppa1.esiee.fr/) is much fresher but perhaps not as       
> Maybe we could work together on a superior web site?