[parisc-linux] Re: PA-RISC-Linux

Paul Bame bame@fc.hp.com
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 10:38:40 -0700

= Hello Mr. Bame,
= I have two HP-Workstations (HP9000/700) and a (HP9000/712).
= And for both i need a PA-RISC-Linux CD-ROM !
= Where can get order the "Developer's Release CD-ROM" for PA-RISC-Linux?
= Can You send me a general Install-Instruction?

Please consult our web site, www.parisc-linux.org for lots of use
information, including whether your "HP9000/700" will be supported
(the 712 is).  We will be producing a new CD image in the next couple
of months from which you can create your own CD.

	-Paul Bame

= sincerely,
= 		Joachim Kress
= Name: Joachim Kress
= Street: Querstrasse 6
= Postal: D-72074
= City: Tuebingen
= State: germany