[parisc-linux] Interoperability

Grant Grundler grundler@puffin.external.hp.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 17:54:36 -0700

Nicolas THOMAS wrote:
> Does anyone of you have references/URL/opinion.... on interoperabilty
> purpose?

Could you provide details on what you mean by "interoperability"?
(Or specific applications that you need to run if you don't need
to build them from scratch)

> The systems I would like to be able to interoperate are :
> - Linux x86
> - Linux PA-risc 32bits
> - Linux PA-risc 64bits
> - HP-UX 11 64bits

Obviously not all four can run the same application binaries.
I do expect a pretty good level of source compatibility (90%+).
On the PARISC OS's, even a degree of binary compatibility.

Provided details, I can forward things not covered by HPUX to the
right people (caveat: no guarantee they will get fixed...).  And
you are welcome to post patches for stuff in either 32 or 64-bit
parisc-linux kernels here.
(Or submit bug reports to bugs.parisc-linu.org.)

> I already know the STK: http://devresource.hp.com/STK/

Also try:
         (I think this might be the same/related to the STK)

The LPK (Linux Porting Kit) seems to be pretty good (though not perfect).


Grant Grundler
parisc-linux {PCI|IOMMU|SMP} hacker