[parisc-linux] configure --host=xx revisited

Markus Werle markus@lufmech.rwth-aachen.de
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 13:40:28 +0100

Hi !

during the last months I stumbled through the naming
conventions of "host" used in configure scripts of
gcc/binutils and other gnu packages.

I am looking for information about this naming convention.
Some people got confused configuring gcc for hpux, because
e.g. hppa-2.0w-etc. does not mean a 64-bit version.

In order to obtain at least hpux/linux-specific clarity:
Can someone provide a matrix / a mapping between
hp CPUs (or models), operating systems, number of bits and
the gcc naming conventions?

What I want are answers of the form;
If I want to build gcc on a machine YYY running OS XXX,
I have the possibilty to configure for hppa-ZZZZ (32bit)
or hppa-AAAA (64bit).

This leads to a matrix that contains for every combination of
vendor, machine/processor-type, OS and  # of bits
a string XXX for the  --host=XXX command line option
- or a n/a.

Thanks for any help,