[parisc-linux] TODO-list entry of "HIL keyboard driver needs updating"

Alex deVries alex@linuxcare.com
Mon, 05 Mar 2001 11:51:22 -0500

"Brian S. Julin" wrote:
> Hmmm... Brian might refer to me, but I do not know who Alex is.
> The only other person who showed interest in the driver was
> Helge Deller.  We do NOT have access to the HIL specs, and
> the driver I would like to write will need more detail than that
> gleaned from the BSD/linux/mklinux source code.  But, if the
> below refers to another two people who DO have access to the
> docs, then it would be nice if they would tell me what needs
> to be done to get me access to them.

I'm Alex.

The reason that I think I have HIL specs is because it's mentioned in
the WAX documentation I have under NDA.  I can't send out copies of it,
but I can give information necessary for writing code.

- Alex

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