[parisc-linux] Problems on 715/50

Bruno IGLESIAS iglesiab@esiee.fr
Mon, 05 Mar 2001 10:38:30 +0000

Hi !                                                                  
  I'm working on a 715/50 with the ESIEE TEAM. /proc/cpuinfo reports  
0.50 Bogomips instead of the 50 reported during the boot of the kernel
of the 1st March . More over, the kernel is booting well with the     
nfsroot of the puffin but don't execute INIT with ESIEE root          
Filesystem ( freezing after mounting Root partition) .Replacing Init  
by /bin/sh didn't change anything. If anyone could explain these      
differences ??                                                        
I'm currently porting the SETI@home client for PaLinux :o)            
   Bye Bruno