[parisc-linux] Error creating PALO

bame@riverrock.org bame@riverrock.org
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 18:07:20 -0600

> During the PALO creation phase of the initial installation, an error
> message saying "PALO wasn't able to install. You can still remote boot and
> point the root device to the installed system".
> The install target is an HP 712/60 with a 2.2GB SCSI-SE disk with three
> partitions:
> sda1 128MB  linux swap fstype 82
> sda2 16 MB linux fstype 83
> sda3 2GB linux ext2 fstype 83
> My intention is to use sda2 for PALO, and sda3 for everything else. Since
> I could not find any means of creating F0 fstype for PALO, is assumed the
> install/setup process would do that for me. Is that an incorrect
> assumption? If so, what steps do I take to create the F0 fstype to install

cfdisk and fdisk both can change a partition type.  in cfdisk select
the partition you desire and use the [Type] item below.

palo currently requires that both the "F0" partition, and any partitions
from which you are going to boot, *end* within the first 2Gbytes, so your
sda3 is just over the limit.  Perhaps you might make a small /boot
partition near the front of the drive.