[parisc-linux] New list member..

CHS chs@23.org
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 15:19:46 -0700 (PDT)

Hello all. Just wanted to say hello. I've been working with linux for
about 7 years now, mainly with the slackware and redhat distributions.
This weekend I picked up a 712/80 for free, and after getting a CDROM
drive working on it (long story), managed to go through the single easiest
linux install in my entire life. Keep in mind I've never even touched an
HP PA-RISC machine until this weekend. So a big hearty kudos to you guys!
I had a couple questions though:

1.) The machine seems to work generally pretty OK, except that I get
kernel panics fairly often. This did not hinder the install at all though.
any ideas?

2.) since I've never played with HP hardware before (mostly an intel,
sparc, and apple guy), is there any good decent guide to the HP boot
console? for instance, the install readme says to check and set the clock
from the console, but I can't figure out how to do that. Also, is there a
good guide to the hardware itself? like the capabilities of the 712/80,
the video capabilities, expansion, etc... I just like to stay informed.

3.) about a year ago, I remember HP ran some deal where you could send
away for a (mostly) free copy of HP-UX, I think version 10.20. Is this
still happening? I'd really like to get a copy of HP-UX to play around
with on this machine. I'll eventually probably settle with linux, but it's
kinda unfair to the 712 to never run HP-UX on it.

Thanks again!

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