[parisc-linux] Re: Version 0.9 of PA-RISC Linux Released

Andrew Shugg andrew@neep.com.au
Wed, 6 Jun 2001 05:13:58 +0800

Michael S.Zick said:
> I'll be glad to match my 4 decades of experience against your 2 years
> anytime.

Willy didn't say anything about his experience, but the time that that
he has put into this particular project.  Perhaps you meant to say you'd
like to put your 40 years of experience together with his two years of
work in order to help the project?  Sadly, that's probably stretching
your words well beyond the "benefit of the doubt".  =(

> If you are serious about my suggestions being counter-productive, I
> will gladly spend the time I am taking to write them for other purposes.

I don't know - or honestly care - who you are or which horse you rode in
on.  You're the first person I've seen to bring this attitude in to this
project and in my position as list-lurker and linux-hppa fiddler I'd be
perfectly happy if you were the last.


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