[parisc-linux] C180 DINO/PCI problem; was: Help on install (1)

Reinhard Gimbel Reinhard.Gimbel@freenet.de
Sat, 28 Jul 2001 12:34:46 +0200

Grant Grundler wrote:

> Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> > ** "HP has discovered a potential system defect that can affect
> > ** the behavior of five models of HP VISUALIZE workstations when
> > ** equipped with third-party or customer-installed PCI I/O expansion
> > ** cards. The defect is limited to the HP C180, C160, C160L, B160L,
> > ** and B132L VISUALIZE workstations, and will only be encountered
> > ** when data is transmitted through PCI I/O expansion cards on the
> > ** PCI bus. HP-supplied graphics cards that utilize the PCI bus are
> > ** not affected."

Expect the GRAPHICS(3) graphics adaptor (which is an EISA card)
there is no expansion card installed in my C180. The 2 PCI slots
are not occupied by expansion cards.

I don't have too much knowledge of the architecture of HP
workstations, but aren't NCR SCSI chips part of the PCI
architecture in ordinary PCs ? Of course there must not be the
same way to implement the SCSI chip in the HP architecture ! But
who knowns ...

On the other hand the C180 had a working HP-UX 10.20 as I bought
it weeks ago. So there must be a software solution for the DINO

> > Maybe we're triggering this bug... grant?
> Perhaps...updating the firmware to the latest will not let
> the system boot if in fact that's the case. remove all PCI
> devices and then the system will boot.

No PCI device to remove (as an expansion card) ...

... but how about a firmware update ? My box has firmware
version 2.7. Is that o.k. so far ? Or is there a newer firmware
available ? The other questions is: Would a firmware upgrade
help to solve my problem ?