[parisc-linux] HD not bootable after installation....

Pedot, Wolfgang wpedot@harris.com
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 06:14:02 -0400


after solving my previous Problems i tried to install several times without
success because the SCSI-Controller performed Bus-Resets all the time. So I
played arround and found out that both Harddisks seemed to be kind of defective
(have to test them in a pc). After installing an other Harddisk the installation
went fine but for some reason this new Harddisk is not bootable (Palo was
executed successfully), its not in the list of bootable devices at startup and
if i select it manualy it fails to boot. But after booting from network the disk
is detected. Since this harddisk was in a PC before I wonder if theres anything
I may have forgotten...

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