[parisc-linux] Re: Problem installing .9 iso image on C240

Paul Bame bame@fc.hp.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 09:23:33 -0600

= > > I do have one question, why
= > > would it not try to install the 64bit version? I was
= > > pretty sure that a C240 is a 64bit system.

As others said, it's a 64-bit-capable CPU with 32-bit-only firmware and
only 32-bit kernels work there right now.  I don't know that a 64-bit
kernel buys you much on a C240 -- am I mistaken?

= > PDC on the C240 (and similar C-models of that generation) only
= > support PDC calls in "narrow" (ie 32-bit) mode. Sounds like the decision
= > to install 32 vs 64-bit depends on the PDC capabilities bit.
= > Can anyone offhand confirm/deny?

Yes, palo asks the firmware whether one or both of 32&64-bit OSs will
run on the box.  Cxxx says 32 bit only.  If both are possible, palo
chooses 32-bit for now.

= a 64 bit kernel with narrow PDC
= calls later would be an option (once it works).  Do we leave building
= that kernel as an exercise for the user, or or do we have one packaged
= in the archive?

When it works we can add a config file for building a suitably flavored
debian kernel-image package.