[parisc-linux] 712/60, kernel 2.4.6 and keyboard.

Jari Eskelinen jari.eskelinen@enfo.fi
11 Jul 2001 18:18:00 +0200


I have 712/60 machine and I have used 2.4.0-pa30 kernel with it with great success. Today I tried to compile 2.4.6-pa11 kernel (cross-compiling with my P800, it was horrible sloooooow with 721/60 :) and it almost succeeded. Everything else works, but PS/2 keyboard won't just work. Nothing comes to screen when typing. Logging from network works as usual. Kernel seems to recognise keyboard:

PS/2 keyboard controller at 0xf0108000 (irq 69) found, device attached.
Lasi PS/2 wait 3734
PS/2 psaux controller at 0xf0108100 (irq 69) found, device attached.

But it won't work. Mouse works fine, I can login if playing with mouse and gpm (cut r, paste, cut o, paste paste, cut t, paste, cut return, paste etc.) :D

Have anybody similiar experiences and most importantly, can anybody tell how to solve ths problem?


Jari Eskelinen