[parisc-linux] problems with burning iso's

Christoph Plattner christoph.plattner@alcatel.at
Thu, 05 Jul 2001 15:14:06 +0200

As far as I understand your description, this is correct !
You see about file lines, describing, where the modules
(kernel, ramdisk image, etc) is loaded. And now you must be
patient. In former Linux Releases I had to wait up to half or
full minute to get up. The current kernel on the 0.9.1 is
faster and takes 5-10 seconds (depending on the machine ...)

Wait for a longer time...

By the way. You wrote "series 700". Is this a 9000/720 with
50Mhz or a 730 with 66Mhz (my 720 has the model number A1094).
For those "old" machine you might need a patch in the kernel
to handle an old method of page fault, etc.., handling.
A line must be added then in the `arch/parisc/kernel/trap.c'.
This is true for the old PA7000 CPUs.

If your are intersted I will give you more hints to this point.

With friendly regards
	Christoph P.

"Pengelly, Raymond" wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I'm trying to set up a lab of HP series 700 and 735 workstations with
> PA-Linux. I've downloaded the sti-32 iso and burned it but when I try to
> boot from the cd drive all i get is five lines of what looks like a memory
> dump? Anybody had this problem or ca offer any suggestions? I am able to
> mount the CD drive and access the files normally.
> Also I was wondering what the md5checksums are all about?
> Do I have to change anything in the iso before I burn it?
> Ray Pengelly
> rpengelly@ati.stlawrencec.on.ca
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