[parisc-linux] ICE compiling pump

Alan Modra alan@linuxcare.com.au
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 12:39:39 +1100 (EST)

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Bdale Garbee wrote:

> Building the Debian pump package on a J5000 running a kernel provided by jsm
> last night and the latest taggart nfsroot updated with more or less everything
> in the new-debs directory on pehc, I get:
> cc -I. -Wall -g  -D__STANDALONE__ -DVERSION=\"0.8.3\"   -c -o dhcp.o dhcp.c
> dhcp.c: In function `pumpDhcpRun':
> dhcp.c:1330: Internal compiler error in eliminate_regs, at reload1.c:2505

It's probably fixed on our "devel" branch gcc by these patches:

2001-01-28 Richard Henderson <rth@redhat.com>
	* reload1.c (eliminate_regs): Handle USE.  (supercedes 2001-01-25)

2001-01-25 John David Anglin <dave@hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca>
	* reload1.c (eliminate_regs): Don't abort on MEM USEs.

Our devel branch gcc isn't too bad at the moment,  eg. I'm running a
kernel, glibc and tools compiled by it.  However, there's a problem
running fixincl when building the compiler that I haven't yet tracked
down.  Workaround is to configure gcc, then edit gcc/Makefile to zap the
command that actually runs fixincl.  ie. these lines
        (TARGET_MACHINE=$(target); srcdir=`cd $(srcdir); pwd`; \
        $(SHELL) ./fixinc.sh `pwd`/include $(SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR) $(OTHER_FIXINCLUDES_DIRS); \    

Don't just set STMP_FIXINC empty; You need to get a copy of
/usr/include/limits.h into gcc/include/

Alan Modra
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