[parisc-linux] console switching with C160 Hyperdrive option card

Grant Grundler grundler@puffin.external.hp.com
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:40:46 -0700

"James P. Kinney III" wrote:
> Grabbed a new kernel source from kernel.org and ran make oldconfig. I
> think it uses the current running kernel for a starting point.

A) It definitelly does not. You either need to find the config file
from the CD or something else.
B) forget kernel.org. parisc tree is at cvs.parisc-linux.org or
   ftp.parisc-linux.org (nightly cvs snapshots). parisc isn't
   fully merged back into linus's tree.

> Looked at the .config file afterwards. No sti frame buffer configured.
> Hmm.=20

Looking arch/parisc/defconfig:

you just ahd the wrong source tree.

> More research. Current firmware is 2.1. Latest firmware from HP is 6.1.
> And it "fixes" some 3rd  party graphics card problems.

It fixes alot more than just that.
I believe 2.1 is the original firmware shipped with the machine.
6.1 *will* disable PCI if anything other than an HP PCI grapchis
card is plugged into a PCI slot *and* you have an "old" Dino.

> As soon as I get a blank tape, I'll upgrade the firmware (scary
> process!).

Yes. But you can do it via LAN/bootp too.
Boot the update image just a a kernel image as described
in previous emails to this list (eg NFS root).
(Archive is at lists.parisc-linux.org)