[parisc-linux] [Reminder] 2000 Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting

Martin Schulze joey@ffis.de
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:44:31 +0200

[Crossposted via bcc to a couple of developer lists]

This is your invitation to the

               2000 Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting

   This is the second official announcement for the the 2000 Linux
   Developers Meeting in Oldenburg (formerly known as m68k Hacker's
   Meeting).  Please forward this announcement to whoever you consider
   developer enough to join.

   The meeting takes place from

	      October 12th noon to October 15th noon

   The developers meeting will take place in the same rooms like last
   year.  However, if more people are attending than last year, we're
   going to use a larger room or use two rooms side by side.  As
   before, attendance is free of cost, however you should be a
   developer.  Please remember to take not only your hardware with you
   but also all reference manuals and technical manuals that belong to
   them.  Oh, and don't forget hubs for all of your boxes.

   We're also organizing at least three independend power circuits
   that should help us avoid a general power failure. :-) We did not
   have one last year, so there's a good chance we'll survive this
   year again.

   IP connectivity will be sponsored by the computing center of our
   University to whose network we will be connected with a
   masquerading router.  If you have a ready configured router, take
   it with you.  We are trying to get food and fluids sponsored as
   well.  Nevertheless you should not forget your regular hacker's food.

   You may arrive on Thursday if you like.  You may also stay longer
   than sunday if you like.  If you need to picked up at the train
   station, let us know when you're going to arrive - i.e. tell us
   to receive a mobile number from one of us.  This will be optimized
   with regards to last year. :) 

   Meeting online: http://oldenburger.linuxtage.de/lt2000/devel/
   You'll find travel maps there.

   To help us plan the rooms, amount of food and other stuff please
   fill out the following form and send it to joey@infodrom.ffis.de.


   Name .........................:

   Date of arrival ..............: ( ) Thursday, October 12th
				   ( ) Friday, October 13th
				   ( ) Saturday, October 14th

   Date of departure ............: ( ) Friday, October 13th
				   ( ) Saturday, October 14th
				   ( ) Sunday, October 15th
				   ( ) Monday, October 16th
				   ( ) later: _____________

   Number of machines ...........:

   Number of monitors ...........:

   Name may be placed on web page: ( ) yes
				   ( ) no

Best regards,


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