[parisc-linux] ttyS00 reported twice

Richard Hirst rhirst@linuxcare.com
Wed, 31 May 2000 16:41:02 +0100

There was some discussion on irc yesterday about bootup messages reporting
something like:

Found serial #0 at 0xf0823000, IRQ 538
ttyS00 at iomem 0xf0823800 (irq = 538) is a 16550A
Found serial #1 at 0xf0822000, IRQ 537
ttyS00 at iomem 0xf0822800 (irq = 537) is a 16550A

i.e. both ports reported as ttyS00.  This seems to be a consequence of us
calling register_serial() before rs_init() is called.  In addition there
is a chunk of initialisation in rs_init() that is #ifndef CONFIG_GSC;
that would need to be enabled so that rs_table[].line is initialised,
before we would report ttyS01.

The solution might be to make register_serial() aware of whether rs_init()
has yet been called.  If it hasn't, register_serial() just queues the
struct_serial that was passed in and returns success.  At the end of
rs_init() we call register_serial() again for each item in the queue.
This is similar to what happens with the net devices.