[parisc-linux] 735/125 Initial Installation

Craig Miller craig.miller@bigfoot.com
Mon, 29 May 2000 16:04:09 -0400

The website docs say this is impossible, but sometimes docs are out of date.

Is it possible to install Linux on my 735/125 in place of the HPUX install
that occupies the entire hard disk without using another linux box (NT box
is available)?

It seems that I cannot install PALO unless I have a separate Linux box, or
am installing Linux on a different disk than the one that holds HPUX now.  I
have 1 hard disk that I want to repartition, format, install PALO, and an
EXT2 filesystem with a kernel/binutils/etc on.  The 735/125 can have a 125mb
1/4" tape drive, a 4gig 4mm dat, or zip disk added to its SCSI chain if that
helps.  I have a separate NT box that can be used if helpful for
partitioning, loading files, etc but I do not have a separate x86 linux box
(And the NT box needs to as NT).

Can anyone help?