[parisc-linux] Parallel driver for lasi/asp

Helge Deller deller@gmx.de
Thu, 25 May 2000 21:28:18 +0200

Hello Puffins & Linuxcare's,

after nearly half a year absence - in which I finished university yesterday - 
from the parisc-porting effort and silently lurking and following the list 
I'm now able to do some programming again.

I just committed a parallel-port-driver for lasi and asp-machines which I 
hacked up yesterday. This driver is mainly based on the parport_pc.c-driver 
and I don't have any clue, if it really works ! 

As Murphy's law says, my printer broke just in the moment I wanted to print 
my thesis last week, and so I now had to test the driver with an old 9-dot 
matrix-printer. The problem is, that all characters printed with this driver 
shows up in greek-letters, so I verified the output with the printer 
connected to my Intel-machine and I got the same result !
So I think the driver **may** work, but I can't test it !
Because of that it would be great to get any success or failure reports.....


-- Private Note: (I hope this will be allowed here once on this list) --
Since I just finished university, I'm now searching for a good Unix / Linux / 
(parisc)-job near Duesseldorf / Germany.....
If someone is interested, please mail me privately at <deller@gmx.de>.