[parisc-linux] Tree Issues

Philipp Rumpf prumpf@puffin.external.hp.com
Sun, 21 May 2000 08:36:57 -0600

I hoped to hear some kind of reaction from TPG/LC before doing this,
but it doesn't seem like that will happen anytime soon.

If you're interested in my tree, you can find it at
(empty password).

I'm currently working on a 712 and a c360, so those are the machines
that it is most likely to work on; some code for a180 and 715/old hasn't
been written yet, but probably will be soon (I have those machines here,

Please feel free to send any questions, comments, or bug reports either
to me or to use the facilities sourceforge provides
(http://sourceforge.net/project/?group_id=5490, I think).

[is it okay to use this list ?]

If you can't get that tree booting on your machine, please tell me.  I
can't test on all four machines at the same time, so just a simple
"doesn't boot on <machine type>" message would be very helpful.

	Philipp Rumpf