[parisc-linux] Notice that pre2 is out

Bryan W. Headley bheadley@prismalink.com
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 08:12:37 -0600

Arrived sometime Sunday. Lots of file movement; don't know what changed
yet. I was up to drivers/char with pre1, and expect I can apply
pre1_to_pre2 patches without much harm. Sunday was mostly a "get 6.2
beta working/get the 735 working". The latter is done, and it boots
10.20 and generally looks smug with itself. So that's good; gives me a
real machine to test merged baseline with. The x86 machine I was putting
6.2 on died, perhaps for the last time. I have an old RS/6000 that needs
a port that can take it's slot very easily...

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