[parisc-linux] Value of an old K-class server?

Sandy Harris sandy@storm.ca
Sun, 05 Mar 2000 18:01:17 -0500

Steve Shack wrote:
> Sandy Harris wrote:
> > I don't know these servers, but I've a friend who deals machines of about
> > that generation, buying them in truckload lots and reselling. Recent
> > prices from him, in Canadian $:
> >
> >          RAM    disk    monitor quantity
> > 712/60   128    no      no      16      $ 50 apiece.
> > 715/100  256    no      19"     1       $200
> If he can find me a 712/100 with 128+megs ram i'd buy that in a
> second. Care to pass that on to him?

I bought the only 100 I've seen so far and have already told him I'll
take all the 712/100s he gets. They seem to be mostly 60s. 712s take
128 maximum RAM. 715s can go to 256 and have room for more drives. My
guess is a 715/100 might suit you.

I waited to respond to this, and the other messages asking for details,
until I had his permission to post his email address:


Location is a small town outside Ottawa. He also has lots of Suns, if
anyone here cares :-)