[parisc-linux] Busybox 0.45 released

Matt Taggart taggart@carmen.fc.hp.com
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 18:48:22 -0600

Pavel Roskin writes...

> Hello!
> I think that some of you may be interested that Busybox 0.45 has been
> released. This version fixes too many bugs to list here.

Yes! The list thanks you.

> I tried the busybox binary from the "gonzo" filesystem. There is a problem
> with "init" when it's a symlink to busybox - it complains about
> insufficient memory (today's kernel from CVS). This is almost certainly a
> kernel problem.

Yes, busybox has helped find several kernel/toolchain problems so far. For now 
I just use sash as my init.

> I would like to see the binary of busybox on the ftp server.

Earlier today I spent some time cleaning up the pehc:/pub/parisc/binaries 
directory. I put tarballs of all of the userspace apps(including busybox-0.43) 
that I've compiled in,


I will build a new busybox ASAP. I also put a tarball of the latest 
cross-toolchain for x86 in,


This toolchain is a couple weeks old but works pretty well. It will be updated 
within the next few days.

Consider this an announcement :) I'll try to put pointers on the website soon.

> By the way,
> it would be nice to update the precompiled kernel - the latest kernel on
> ftp://puffin.external.hp.com/pub/parisc/binaries/kernels/ is dated by
> February 18, 2000.

Yes it would be nice. If someone else doesn't beat me to it I'll drop a new 
kernel in there tommorrow.

Thanks again,

Matt Taggart