signal handling

John Marvin
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:39:38 -0600 (MDT)

> I was quite shocked to discover that we appear to have no signal
> handling code in the Linux/parisc kernel whatsoever.
> Is anyone planning to do this anytime soon?  It's unbelievably
> annoying to debug userspace when you have to push TOC every single
> time your program segfaults.
> Never mind the fact that we can't really claim to have a working
> kernel if it lacks basic things like signals.
> I am formally threatening to do it wrong (since I don't know what I am
> doing) if nobody steps forward to do it correctly within the next
> hour.

I had hoped to work on this this week, along with moving the syscall
gateway page out of user space (for native linux apps).  However, I have
not been able to get my C3000 to boot.  Every time I fix a problem, I find
another (right now it starts sash, but I don't get a shell prompt).
Perhaps if I can find an A180 today I can use that for a while.  At this
point I'm not hopeful that I will get it done before Friday, when I leave
for a week of vacation.  So, go ahead and do it "wrong" and I'll check
it over when I get back.

John Marvin