[parisc-linux] Architecture string change

Andrew Shugg andrew@neep.com.au
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 02:15:24 +0800

One more vote for 'parisc'.  Is anyone counting?

I haven't seen good, clear reasoning yet as to why 'parisc' does not
adequately fit the requirements and 'hppa' does.

Bdale said:
> ... no messages have passed the debian-parisc list yet despite over 50
> subscribers ...

Surely you exaggerate, I see _ten_ messages in my debian-parisc box, not
including the subscription confirmation emails!

But seriously, I would guess that most of the subscribers are userland
hackers, not kernel people ... or, like me, aren't hackers at all,
they're just sad lonely people who own an HP box and like being on
mailing lists.  =)

When the announcement is made "okay, userland works and we're not going
to change anything any more, at least not without big huge announcements"
and people can start working with gusto on building packages, I'm sure
the list traffic will go up considerably.

We're just waiting for you to show us the way, in other words.  =)


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