[parisc-linux] problems with gcc 2.96

willy@thepuffingroup.com willy@thepuffingroup.com
Sun, 9 Jul 2000 15:00:24 -0400

most people will need to run contrib/gcc_update in order to sort out
dependencies.  i did.  but then i get into:

$ rm -rf *
$ ../gcc/configure --target=hppa1.1-linux --prefix=/home/willy/parisc --host=i386-linux --disable-nls
/home/willy/parisc/gcc-build/gcc/xgcc -B/home/willy/parisc/gcc-build/gcc/ -B/home/willy/parisc/hppa1.1-linux/bin/ -c -g -O2 -I. -I../../../gcc/libio -D_IO_MTSAFE_IO ../../../gcc/libio/iogetline.c
In file included from ../../../gcc/libio/libio.h:166,
                 from ../../../gcc/libio/iolibio.h:1,
                 from ../../../gcc/libio/libioP.h:47,
                 from ../../../gcc/libio/iogetline.c:26:
/home/willy/parisc/hppa1.1-linux/include/bits/stdio-lock.h:29:2: #error libio needs recursive mutexes for _IO_MTSAFE_IO
make[1]: *** [iogetline.o] Error 1

dhd, you must have solved this already?

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