[parisc-linux] progress on tulip driver

Michael Ang mang@linuxcare.com
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 14:01:55 -0500

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I just committed some changes to the tulip driver that should let you
read a MAC on the bultin tulip on the A180 -- please let me know if this
doesn't work on other machines.  You need to apply the attached patch
since check_region doesn't understand our fudged PCI I/O addresses.  You
can type "in la" from the boot menu to get the MAC of the builtin lan

I suspect that the tulip code is still broken on pa20 boxen because of
the fudged addresses.

Thanks to Grant for fixing the Dino code that I was having problems

	- Mike.
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Index: tulip.c
RCS file: /home/cvs/parisc/linux-2.3/drivers/net/tulip.c,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -u -r1.3 tulip.c
--- tulip.c	2000/01/25 19:48:06	1.3
+++ tulip.c	2000/01/25 19:48:52
@@ -513,7 +513,10 @@
 		/* Avoid already found cards */
 		if (check_region(pci_ioaddr, tulip_tbl[chip_idx].io_size))
-			continue;
+/*XXXmang			continue; */
+			printk("tulip_probe: warning, region 0x%x size 0x%x not available, continuing anyway\n",
+				   pci_ioaddr, tulip_tbl[chip_idx].io_size);
 		pcibios_read_config_word(pci_bus, pci_device_fn,
 								 PCI_COMMAND, &pci_command);