[parisc-linux] 9000/712 & Samsung Monitor

Steven Pritchard steve@silug.org
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 22:49:12 -0600 (CST)

Michael Schulz said:
> I can get a 712/60 almost complete, but without a monitor.
> So my question is, is it possible to connect a Samsung
> Syncmaster 17GLsi with the HP.

I don't know the first thing about 712s, but I was amazed to discover
that if you do "path console graphics.7" (and then "reset") at the
"BOOT_ADMIN>" prompt on a 715/100, you'll get 640x480 graphics
suitable for a VGA monitor.  Doing "path console graphics" lists the
various choices...

BOOT_ADMIN> path console graphics
        Monitor Choices
Type     Resolution     Frequency
----     ----------     ---------
  1      1280x1024        72Hz
  2      1024x768         75Hz
  3      1024x768         70Hz
  4      1024x768         75Hz     Flat Panel
  5      1280x1024        60Hz
  6      1024x768         60Hz
  7       640x480         60Hz
  8      1280x1024        75Hz     VESA
  9      1024x768         75Hz     VESA
 10       800x600         75Hz     VESA
 11       640x480         75Hz     VESA
 12      1280x1024        72Hz     Greyscale
 13      1280x1024        50Hz

If a 712/60 will do the same, then surely when of the lower
resolutions or frequencies would work...

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