[parisc-linux] Thanks...alot

Eric Schnoebelen eric@cirr.com
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 09:52:30 -0600

Mark Wild writes:
- From: eric@cirr.com [mailto:eric@cirr.com]
- > 	You might check to see what interpreter is called out at
- > the top of /etc/rc.  If it's still /bin/sh, go verify what
- > /bin/sh points to..
- How can I do that? I'm not familiar with all the options/commands
- of the hpux command from the ISL prompt.

	I was suggesting you do that from a multi-user login
(assuming you've got one.. perhaps a rash assumption..)

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Works fine for me now.  I must have messed up the previous try, it
now boots up very quickly and gives me the spinning \|/- stuff.

							- Paul

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