[parisc-linux] Value of an old K-class server?

Robert Womack rwomack@gatesarrow.com
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  I too am a lurker in the shadows, but thanks for asking a question for
which I may have part of an answer.  I help HP UNIX salespeople and so have
some resources.

  Value, of course, is what one will pay for something.  In the case of a
K200, the answer is, "Not much."  You may be able to find a broker on the
web who will give you an offer and the offer will be slight.

  If you were purchasing a new HP machine [in the US, naturally], say a
D-Class or cheap L-Class HP would write you a check for $US 1,800 (about
AUS$ 2,900); if you were buying a top K-Class or N-Class, HP would give you
$US 6,000 (about AUS$ 9,250).  In my experience, this is generally no better
than you could get from a broker.

              Rob Womack

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Greetings noble list dwellers,

I have emerged from my long lurk to ask for some help on a vaguely related
issue.  I have my eye on a K200 which has been decommissioned, but the
company won't let go of it until someone ("official") can tell them what
it's worth.  I've been waiting for them to just give up and sell it to me
very cheaply, but I don't want to miss my chance.

The lowest-numbered K class machine I can find on HP's website is a K220.
I'm fairly sure the machine I've looked at is a K200, but if this model
never existed then it's probably a 220.  =)

My understanding is that it has a single CPU, either 128 or 256MB of RAM,
and around 16GB of disk.  It also has in it some kind of cradle or something
for putting more memory into it - something that is (apparently) not usually
included with such a beast.

This is in Australia, but if anyone can name a figure in their local
I'll work it out.

When or if I get it, it will be joining my HP 375/125 in helping with
for the parisc-linux project, hence the vague relation to this list.  =)

Thanks in advance,


P.S.  A quick attempt with HP's on-line calculator says that a new base-line
      K-class (K360, 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 9GB disk) would cost AUS$85,000.  Eek.

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